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In striving to be the best permanent makeup clinic in Toronto, Beauty Design focuses on three critical areas of the business: service, craftsmanship and excellence.

At Beauty Design we don’t want to be a mediocre clinic; thus we relentlessly pursue excellence in every single task entrusted to us. Our royal clientele can attest to this as it grows with each passing day. Excellence in our service is the ultimate legacy we promise and aspire to keep and to hold.

Our Permanent Makeup Services

Our service and craftsmanship to not just satisfy our clients but surpass their expectation every single time keeps us ever open-minded in our consultations.

We listen to your desires and expectations and make it our outright mission to make them your reality.


Permanent Eyeliner If you get our permanent makeup eyeliner tattoo, the irritating eyeliner mess will be gone forever, as our eyeliner makeup never smears. Permanent eyeliner can achieve as much as you can with topical eyeliner; actually, it’s much better. You can choose any style, any colour or even do multiple shades. Whatever your preference in eyeliner styles are, they achievable, yes even that smokey look! For a topical eyelin er, you can only place it above the eyelashes as that’s as much as you can achieve with a pencil. However, with the permanent eyeliner makeup, you have the advantage of going right through the lashline and as well as on top of it, in accordance to your thick ness preference. A darker shade around the base of your eyelashes will make a significant difference if your eyelashes are few or light coloured.


Permanent lip colour is attainable. It can be a custom mix to get a shade just like your favourite lipstick. The shape of your lips can as well be altered to look much better either top, bottom or both. The cupid’s bow would be shaped to your liking or even look much better than you’d ever expect. The fullness of the lip can either be minimised or enhanced by working on the outside or inside the edge of your lip just as you would draw with your favourite pencil lip liner. We can all agree that lips are a major focal point while speaking, they enhance and expressively impact the intensity of spoken words. Getting a permanent lip colour can help in improving the lip contour to achieve a more youthful, sensual and pleasant look. With our permanent lip colour, smear fears are a thing of the past, and you get to wake up and go to bed every single day with your perfect lip shape and colour! You like changing lipstick colours, right? Relax as permanent lip colour is excel lent as you can still apply your topical colours as you desire, and yet you’ll never be bare.


While no two faces are ever the same, our wide assortment of brow shapes and pigment colours will undoubtedly leave you spoilt for choice. You don’t need to shave your eyebrows to apply permanent cosmetics! Your present eyebrow shape could be enhanced to achieve your desired shape by colour ing high in the hairs at the middle of the arch and ultimately make the desired and perfect eyebrow shape for your face. Maybe you like changing the shade of your hair colour often, and you are concerned about having a permanent shade of eyebrow colour. Well, you need not worry as the implanted colour will seamlessly coor dinate with slight and moderate chang es in hair colour. For drastic hair colour shades, all it would take is an appoint ment with us after your meeting with the hairdresser. We will change the colour of your eyebrow within the same time span as it took to have your hair dyed.


Eyelash extensions enhance the fullness, curliness and length of your natural lashes giving you the appear ance of having mascara on, all without the messy smudging and clumps that
come with conventional makeup. We will have your semi-permanent lashes applied by one of our experienced professional technicians by hand one lash at a time on top of your natural lashes. We will as well train you on how to care for them so that they remain on your real lashes and will only fall out with your natural lashes as all lashes do. This natural cycle would take between six to eight weeks.

Our Permanent Makeup Services

Our service and craftsmanship to not just satisfy our clients but surpass their expectation every single time keeps us ever open-minded in our consultations. We listen to your desires and expectations and make it our outright mission to make them.

All of our permanent We have been makeup artist are Licensed Advanced Aesthetician.
We have been perform ing permanent makeup procedures to clients in Toronto for more than ten years.
After procedure, we would call to follow up with you, reminding you to take care of your new ink“ properly.

Permanent Makeup Knowledge Center

Here at Beauty Design, we love sharing insights to help customers understand permanent makeup better.

Permanent makeup is one beauty trend that has taken this industry by storm. For those who wear makeup on a day to day basis, waking up every morning and finding the time to put on your makeup might be hard. Not to mention the skill it actually takes to put on good makeup and have...

The rise of “perfect eyebrows” With the boom of social media and the incredible influence that certain pages and accounts have on the beauty market, beauty trends have been emerging all year around.

Permanent makeup can be an excellent solution for anyone who is looking to revamp their look, and who want to look flawless all the time. Getting a permanent makeup procedure done for the eyebrows, lips, and eyes are incredibly common, and more and more people are opting to go in for this.

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Permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation, and cosmetic tattooing is a revolutionary cosmetic technique which involves permanent pigmentation of the dermis. It’s achieved by inserting coloured natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. It produces articulate designs that resemble makeup. With this, you can have a consistently beautiful look without always relying on your eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, lipsticks, mascaras and lip liners.

A Little Love from Our Customers

Our royal clientele can attest to this as it grows with each passing day. Excellence in our service is the ultimate legacy.
We promise and aspire to keep and to hold.


"Beauty Design is perfect for individuals. From their wide range of styles and colors, to their personalized appointments and warm staff, Beauty Design makes sure YOUR needs are being met."


"I love their customer service! Once you walk out their door, you’re still their valued customer. I left and they called me a few days later to make sure everything was going well!"


"I would 100% recommend Beauty Design to a friend (and I already do.) Nothing beats the feeling of waking up feeling your best, and knowing you look your best throughout your day."


"Beauty Design’s staff know what they’re doing! They were able to listen to my concerns, and guide me to finding the best solutions for my problem areas. They truly made sure I was leaving a happy customer."


"I loved going into Beauty Design. It was my first time leaving the house since having my baby, and they made sure I felt welcomed and relaxed the whole time! I left feeling refreshed, physically and mentally."


"I was hesitant to try permanent makeup, but I’m so glad that I did! Beauty Design did a wonderful job of enhancing my natural features. I feel beautiful, while still feeling like I look myself."

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